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Innovating Connected

NXON,empowers OEMs, corporations, and emerging startups to develop connected and scalable solutions through a comprehensive range of services encompassing full product engineering, digital transformation, and quality assurance.

Product Engineering

End-to-end and turn-key product design services from concept to manufacturing

Digital Engineering

Empowering enterprises’ digital transformation plan with latest technologies

Quality Engineering

Driving top-notch product quality right from product definition, design to release


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We Serve in Diverse Industries

We offer specialized knowledge tailored to your industry needs, ensuring you stay ahead of trends with innovative strategies and insights. Our diverse expertise equips organizations with the resources necessary for impactful digital transformations and staying competitive in today's dynamic landscape.

IOT & Industry 4.0
Consumer Electronics
Security & Survillance
Streamlining operations and enhancing connectivity, our IoT services offer tailored solutions for seamless integration of smart devices, data analysis, and automation, optimizing processes across diverse industries for increased efficiency.
Elevate your lifestyle with our wearable services, providing state-of-the-art solutions for health monitoring, fitness tracking, and personalized insights, seamlessly integrated into your daily routines for optimal well-being and performance.
Revolutionizing the consumer experience, our electronic services deliver cutting-edge solutions for seamless integration, innovative design, and exceptional performance, ensuring satisfaction and convenience in every interaction with technology.
Driving innovation in automotive technology, our services offer advanced solutions for connectivity, safety, and efficiency, delivering a seamless driving experience with smart features tailored to modern lifestyles and needs.
Empowering healthcare with IoT, our services provide advanced solutions for remote patient monitoring, data-driven insights, and streamlined workflows, enhancing care delivery and patient outcomes through innovative technology integration and analysis
Securing peace of mind, our security services offer comprehensive solutions for surveillance, access control, and threat detection, leveraging advanced technology to safeguard assets and protect against evolving risks and threats.
Elevating possibilities with drone services, we offer innovative solutions for aerial photography, surveillance, mapping, and inspections, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and gather valuable insights from above.

Hear from our Customers

The VR glasses hardware design and driver development team are true innovators. Their expertise in creating sleek VR glasses, optimising boot time, and reducing glass-to-glass latency has been a game-changer for our project. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their work. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to push the boundaries of VR technology

VR Glasses - Technical Manager

The Qt app experts for Linux hardware boards are a game-changer. Their proficiency in developing Qt applications tailored for our Linux-based hardware has been exemplary. They consistently displayed a commitment to excellence, delivering a top-notch application that exceeded our expectations. Their ability to simplify complex technical concepts and their dedication to our project's success set them apart. Working with them has been instrumental in achieving our goals

Alex - Founder

Our partnership with the NXON as an IoT experts has been transformative. Their expertise in IoT technology and their commitment to excellence have been invaluable. They've taken our vision and turned it into a reality, delivering a secure, scalable, and efficient IoT solution. Their ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable way sets them apart. Thanks to the NXON Team.

Dishant - Industrial Solution Manager

Partnering with NXON team for telehealth device design and development on Linux and IoT platforms. Their expertise in achieving high accuracy for sensor measurements is outstanding. They've not only delivered a top-notch solution but have also shown a deep commitment to our project's success. We highly recommend them for their innovation and technical prowess.

Telehealth - VP of Software Department

Our experience working with NXON team on the development of LoRaWAN Gateway and LoRa devices has been exceptional. Their achievement of a 5-year battery life for the LoRa-based end device is truly remarkable. Their dedication, expertise, and innovative approach have made a significant impact on our project. We highly recommend them for their outstanding work in the IoT space

LoRa Node - VP of Hardware Engineering

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